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The aim of this website is to provide information concerning the topic typically described as the integration of content-learning with (English) language learning. Some of the discussions may focus on languages other than or in addition to English.

* Nearly every instance of "teaching" can be replaced with "learning" or "instruction"

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Recommended websites / discussion lists

California Science Project    http://csmp.ucop.edu/csp/index.php

The California Science Project (CSP) is a university-based professional development network for teachers of science at ALL levels. This statewide network works toward the common goal of improving science education for all students in California.  The English Learner Initiative page is of note:  http://csmp.ucop.edu/csp/initiative.html  The newsletters (CSP News) are filled with content + English ideas.  http://csmp.ucop.edu/csp/news/connection.html 

eltcitizenship - ELT and Citizenship  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eltcitizenship/

This group focuses on issues related to ELT and citizenship in areas such as teacher training, curriculum design, research, and social action. It originated as a result of the British Council Seminar held in Loughborough, UK, from March 30 to April 4, 2003, with the participation of 24 people on site and 22 remote participants representing over 17 countries.

factworld - Forum for Across the Curriculum Teaching   http://www.factworld.info

The Forum for Across the Curriculum Teaching is a network of teachers interested in cross-curricular issues and working to develop and support the teaching of content and language integrated subjects.  A variety of free resources, calendar of upcoming events, reports of events, and live audio discussions (and recordings of these).
Email Discussion Group - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/factworld/

science across the world - SAW  http://www.scienceacross.org/ 

Join the thousands of schools around the World where students are exchanging information, opinions and ideas on a variety of science topics with young people in every continent. Exchanges are possible in several languages. Explore this website to see the wide range of topics and free resources in several languages. You can register now and get a FREE 6 month trial.

ONESTOPCLIL - The Resource Bank for CLIL Teachers   http://www.onestopclil.com/

Onestopclil.com is a subscription site from Macmillan Education for teachers of content and language integrated learning or ‘CLIL’. Some FREE stuff too.

References / Lists of Resources (Assorted Links here)

Language in Content Instruction  http://lici.utu.fi/

Aims not so different from this website, perhaps more classroom-oriented

Teaching Language Through Content, CAL Resource Guides Online (compiled by Bronwyn Coltrane, Center for Applied Linguistics)  http://www.cal.org/resources/faqs/RGOs/content.html  

Includes a list of recommended readings, both online and print, and links to other online resources.

Selected References about Research and Practice of Integrating Language and Content Instruction (Center for Applied Linguistics)   http://www.cal.org/topics/ilc/ilcrefs.htm

Select References on Content-Based Instruction and Related Topics (compiled by Fredricka L. Stoller)   http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~fls/cbi-bib.html

University of Barcelona Info on CLIL  http://www.ub.es/filoan/CLIL.html

EUROCLIC   http://www.euroclic.net/

EUROPEAN TIE-CLIL LINGUA Project  http://www.tieclil.org

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